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Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Facial Rejuvenation Device

Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Facial Rejuvenation Device






1. Ultrasonic function in the human body become soft and very small massage to the
    skin while heating the cellular function, promote the blood circulation of the capillaries
    of the human body, accelerate the metabolism of the body to promote the absorb the
    food material, to improve the defense capability of the machine body, activate skin cells,
    suppress the germ to reproduce.

2. Ultrasonic vibration of millions of times per second, to solve the aging skin wrinkles the
    black edge of the eye skin problems such as this with the color can make the vasoconstriction,
    improved the effectiveness complement form a powerful organization of protein fibers, effectively
    solve the problem of domestic instrument small power, effect is poor. The effect of home
    instrument is recognised as the best home instrument of beauty.

3. The machine can completely satisfy the daily care of skin in the delicate skin whitening 

    cleanser essence for wrinkles of the face thin multiple import requirements.


Item Type: 
Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Massager

Model: 927652

Material: Plastic

Size: App 165 x 63 x 63mm

Output Power: 10W

Output Voltage: DC 24V

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

Plug Type: EU/US


Package Included:

1 x Main Machine

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual



1. Effective combination of energy the energy of light and heat and conduction to the
    subcutaneous tissue, absorbed by the melanin and capillaries, tissue collagen, under
    the premise without damaging the tissues of normal skin, gentle to skin tissue, no trauma,
    safe treatment, does not need refrigeration and freezing in the peak skin gel can be directly
    on the skin, such as the essence, essential oil, cosmetic cream, the effect will be better! It is harmless, and fast.

2. The increase of the membrane of the cell to oxygen and water to measure deeply,
    can make the cell absorb more oxygen.

3. Simple operation of equipment without the need of training throughout the life of the application,
     stable performance, long continuous working time.

4. Customers can apply makeup immediately after the treatment, the energy of light penetration strong,
     intensive, short space of time.

5. Applicable to all the characteristics of the skin, the costs of treating low (when compared
    with the methods of photon or laser).

    Simple repair and no special requirements for the environment treatment, small volume, convenient to carry.

6. Light emitting diode: adopting special strong pulse light filling technology, can be on the
    premise of no damage to normal skin patches of tissue clearance face all kinds of pigment and vascular,
    at the same time, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduce pores,
    making the rise of the whole facial skin, restore the health of youth.

7. The principle using the colored light of broad spectrum, the molecules of light of different wavelengths
     of light energy, the release of specific multi band after light exposure of the skin cells, can quickly
     improve the repair and regeneration of skin cells, restructuring at the same time, promote collagen
    and elastic fibers, eliminate the pigment particles, improve the silk red blood, reduce blood capillary hole.


What is a photon ultrasonic machine?

Ultrasonic means the high frequency sound waves that cause some amount of vibration in your skin and in the tissues that are in the nearby areas of the skin. When you massage, it helps to increase the amount of oxygen that goes to the cells. As a result, there is an increase in the amount of collagen that is produced in your body and it helps your skin to look younger, tighter and clearer.

What Type of Conductive Gel Should Be Used During Treatment?

It is critical that a water soluble gel be used during treatment because it has been found to be the best conductor of ultrasonic sound waves. Plain water, oil or any oil-based creams or lotions do not contain conductive ionic properties and are not compatible during ultrasonic skin care treatment. Damage may occur to your ultrasonic treatment head if applied to the skin without using the correct conductive medium, or any conductive medium at all.  Many different types of conductive gels are available in the market, which is designed for cosmetic ultrasonic facial treatment . 

Are Ultrasonic Facials Considered Safe?

The ultrasonic facial is considered a safe, easy and gentle skin rejuvenation treatment however the following precautions should always be taken during treatment:

  • Do not use internally and avoid using near center of the throat to avoid thyroid stimulation
  • Do not use on open sores, wounds or infected areas
  • Never use internally (i.e. in mouth, nose, etc.)
  • Do not use if pregnant, have a pacemaker, heart disease history or other medical condition