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Let’s see the 5 most important Asian beauty secrets that are still being used by Asian women in their everyday skincare routine.

  • Brushing the skin before showering:Before having a shower, we brush our dry body using a wooden brush made from natural hair. We do it for one minute for each region of the body (thighs, legs, buttocks, back, arms, abdomen). Small pimples will be treated and our skin will shine.
  • SPF: In Japan white skin is still in fashion: The Japanese use necessarily sunscreen. Some of them also use an umbrella. Good way to say goodbye to photoaging.
  • Moisturizing mist: Asian women tend to have a moisturizing antioxidant spray in their bag that use every moment in order to stimulate their skin but also to renew their makeup.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is a real treasure in the form of beverage, which has detoxifying properties and helps to delay the signs of aging.
  • The different application of cream: Unlike us Western women who rub the cream on our face, Korean women spread the cream with light heeltaps, starting from the neck and moving upwards. That way they stimulate the microcirculation and elevate the energy levels of the skin.

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