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Tip on giving the pocket money to kids

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All family are different and have different income. There is no universal answer on how much pocket money to give your kids in numbers.  Rooster Money is a resource to fully focus on how you should go about pocket money for your child offers an allowance support. It says 4 -year-old get an average of $2.82, this amount is slowly growing and doubles by the time that kids turn 9. An average 14-year-old gets 8.79 a week.  Pocket money should allow the kid to save money for a special toy they like to buy, gifts for their sibling, spend on other family members, go out with their friends, buy a movie ticket for example. If you give your child too much they will find it hard to know the value of money. Your kids should know the money is earned not just grant and it goes when it is spent. Some parents pay their kids for doing chores around the house but it is not always a good idea because they might believe the only reason to do something for their family’s good is to be paid. Dr. Rebecca cheek or author of “the calm and happy toddler and co-founder of essential parent source” recommends giving your child tokens not real money. You decide how much these tokens are worth. By saving tokens, kids can pay for meaningful experiences. Actually, there is no single rule for all families just like you have your own attitude to your money you can decide about your kid’s pocket money too. 


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