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How To Raise Smart and Kind Kids

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How your kids turn out to be is the result of your parenting style. A parent can totally shape or break the personality of a child. Childhood is the time when your kid is subconsciously critically analyzing you and the world around them. So, your actions, your behavior and the environment which you provide to them will affect how smart and kind your kids are going to grow up. Then how do we raise kids to be the type of person we expect them to be? Today we list 6 tips that you could apply on daily basis.

  1. Practice Kindness Yourself

Children learn from your actions. You cannot expect to be rude to people and then tell them to be kind and expect good results. If you do this then, either they will learn a complete opposite definition of kindness, such as being rude to people or, they will turn out to be kind but, think that you are a hypocrite. This will ruin your relationship with them. Children who have bad relationships with their parents are more likely to become more rebellious as a teenager and welcome serious trouble. So, be kind to others to raise kind children.

     2. Tell Them that They Are Kind and Smart

People believe what they are told. If you continuously tell your child that they horrible or stupid then they will subconsciously start believing it and will become rude and sorry to say, stupid. Many philosophers and behaviorist save supported the idea that we become what we think of. Telling your child how smart he or she is and tell them how nice and kind they were each time they do something nice. 

  1. Make Your Child Read Books

There is a huge difference in how a person thinks when he reads as compared to a person who does not read. Instill the habit of reading books for your child. Get them books that tell stories of brave, kind and smart people. Read with them. Do not get them a book and leave them with it to read. Guide them and explain to them what is happening in the book. Sure, there will come a time when they will be able to enjoy reading and understanding the book alone but, in the start, you have to be there for them.

    4. Encourage Your Child to Socialize

Take your child to the park and encourage them to ask other children to play with him or her. There are so many things that happen in a park and can serve as an example or a lesson where you can practically teach your child to be kind and smart. For instance, if another child is bullying someone then you can tell your kid to go and let another adult know instead of ignoring or getting into a fight with the bully. Also, teach them to provide comfort to the bullied child and become friends with them. This way you are teaching your child to be kind and smart at one time.

    5. Let Your Child Fail and Learn:

Sometimes being told that they are smart gets to them. Instill the concept of growth in your child. So, when they fail to make them see that failing is a part of learning, improving and becoming smarter than before.

    6. Be Involved but, Not Too Involved:

Being involved in your child’s life is good but, do not be too involved in their lives that they become dependent on you. When you overindulge your kid, you make them crippled.


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