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How to Calm Your Kids in 5 Minutes

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Kids are easy to get scared and cry over the smallest of things but, calming them down is not that easy. The hard part is that you never really know what the kid is crying about because, if you knew them calming them would be a lot easier. But, do not worry because we have got you covered in the following ways with which you will be able to calm kids in 5 minutes tops.

  1. Name the Emotion: The stressful part about calming down kids is that most of the times, the kid also does not why he or she is crying. Kids get overwhelmed over the smallest things but, they do not know what they are feeling. So, ask your child what they are feeling. Are they hungry? Are they hurt? Are they sad? Are they angry? This way you can ask leading questions to know what the problem is so that you can calm them down and solve the problem.
  2. Let them color: Most restaurants around the globe use this strategy to keep the children calm to prevent any disturbance. Coloring not only calms the children down but, it can even calm down an adult within minutes. Bring their color pencils out and get them their favorite coloring book to watch them calm down in minutes.
  3. Use a rocking chair: Take your child and sit on a rocking chair. Young children love being rocked, and it calms them down within minutes. Rocking your child will prove beneficial and will relieve them of their stress.
  4. Give them some water to drink: If your child has been crying then give them some water to drink. Drinking water will instantly calm down their breathing and the coolness of the water will help in lowering down their stress levels. Ask your child to breathe deeply and sip slowly for the water to soothe them effectively.
  5. The Downward Dog Pose: The downward facing dog pose is a part of stress-relieving yoga exercises. Show your kid this pose and ask them to do this. Also, ask your child to breathe deeply. You will find your kid calming down within seconds.
  6. Do some physical exercise with them: Physical exercise helps in blowing off some steam. It will not only help your child calm down but, it will also help you create a bond with them. So, take your child to ride a bicycle in the park, or jump rope for 20 seconds, ask them to jump on a trampoline or have a jumping contest. Children love to race and compete. Ask them for a race or challenge them to a ‘who can jump the highest?’ competition.
  7. Set up a bubble bath for them: Kids love to play in the water. So, set up a bubble bath for them and let them choose the bath bomb themselves. Let them bring their favorite toys with them and leave your child be.
  8. Get them their favorite drink: Depending on the weather, either bring them some chilled chocolate milkshake or hot cocoa to calm them down. Having a cozy drink after a bad day is the perfect way to unwind and calm down.
  9. Ask them to try deep breathing: If your child is frantic then the best way to calm them down within 5 minutes is to ask them to try deep breathing. First of all, ask your child to close their eyes and then take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Keep doing it until your child has calmed down successfully.




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