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6 Principles of Good Parenting

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Being a good parent is not a very easy job. You are not only responsible for providing your child with love, affection, shelter, education, and food but, you are also responsible for the person that they will become in the future. Your child’s success as an individual depends on your parenting style. You should understand that whether your child is going to become a respectable person, or a crook totally lies in your hands. So, you should pull up your socks and become a responsible parent. Given below are 6 principles that you must never avoid if you want to be a good parent to your child.

  1. Become An Intentional Person

Have an intention behind everything. You are a parent now so, it is high time that you stop “going with the flow”. Try to lead a mindful and intentional life. It is time that you become more proactive instead of reactive. A few examples of becoming an intentional person is to start budgeting, to plan vacations earlier and save for them. Your children will learn a lot from your “intentional” lifestyle and adopt it as well.

     2. Become An Example

No matter what you verbally teach your children, they will learn what you show them. You cannot expect your child to eat all their vegetables or be kind to others just because, you told them to. If you do not eat vegetables or if you are rude to other people, then they are going to do the same. So, instead of using your words, show them how it is done. 

  1. Do Not Overindulge Your Child

Yes, it is okay to indulge your child. Besides, you are earning to provide for them but, do not overindulge them. When you overindulge your child, you cripple them by making them dependent on you and materials. Overindulging includes both, providing everything they wish for and smothering them with love. Make your child work for things. Show them that they need to work for an iPhone X or that they have to be nice to earn compliments. By rewarding your child’s bad behavior, you are emotionally overindulging them.

     4. Don’t Be Too Strict

It is good to discipline your kids but, don’t be too strict with them otherwise, they will rebel against your grip. Assign them with a curfew but, do not disallow them to visit their friends. Sure, you can do a little background on the friend but, if you simply keep your child locked away from things and opportunities that other kids of their age are availing then you are showing them that you don’t trust them. This is bad for their self-esteem and it is also harmful to your relationship with them.

     6. Healthy Involvement Is Necessary

Do not microfocus in their lives but, being involved in your child’s life is extremely important. By involving yourself in their life, you are showing them that you care and that you are going to be there for them. Being involved in their life means to ask about their day, going to their games or plays, taking an interest in their hobbies etc.

     7. Be Firm With Them

Setting rules for your child and being firm with them is necessary but, it is also important to be fair. Many times, parents state that they can’t be firm with their children because they don’t want their children to shut down. However, if you are not firm with them, they will become bratty. Your firmness is necessary for the benefit of your child. It’s okay for your child to be angry for a while. You should do what is best for their future and not only best for your image in front of them.

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