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The tiresome days when you do not have time to properly treat your skin, even the most miraculous products in the market cannot help you. In those times then, you can try some weird -traditional- beauty tricks that will make your skin shine.

Take your paper and pencil, take notes and you will see that at some point they will become useful.

1. Too tired to remove your makeup?

You are very sleepy and you cannot stand to wash your face with the cleansing gel, dry it and then apply the toning lotion. You can use a little that will eliminate all traces of makeup.

2. How to achieve better exfoliation?

Before applying the exfoliating mask, the secret is to “open” your facial skin pores. Wet a cloth in lukewarm-hot water and then place it on your face. Moisten the cloth again, drain it and place it back in your face. Do this a couple of more times.

3. Oily skin can be a sign of dehydration.

When you see your skin oily, you think to not apply your moisturizer. This may cause a problem and make your skin show dehydrated. The best way to moisture an oily skin are the facial oils. It may sound paradoxical, but it is the product that balances oiliness.

4. Sensitive skin with redness?

We have the solution for you. Dip a cloth in a bowl with milk and ice and then place it on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. The low temperature and the protein will make your face glow.

5. How will you make your fragrance last more?

If every time you wear perfume you think that it lasts very shortly, you should probably try the following beauty trick that we recommend: A small amount of petroleum jelly in points you spray your fragrance will help your perfume last longer.

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