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15 Things Parents Should Do With Their Kids This Summer

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15 Things Parents Should Do With Their Kids This Summer

School is out! Now that summer is right around the corner, I hope all parents are prepared to give kids the time of the year with activities, trips, and a few important life lessons speckled amongst all that fun. If not, you can definitely take a look at a few things we think every parent or grandparent should do with their kids this summer. 

1. Enjoy Quality Time in Nature

Kids these days are so involved with technology that they seem to have forgotten just how wonderful nature can be. However, you can teach them how much fun it is to go hike in the woods, enjoy the tranquility of nature, and bask in the beauty it has to offer. When I was young, immersing oneself in the greenery that natural parks and woods have to offer was also considered an amazing adventure with a few friends. Teach them all the techniques to keep track of their path and how to make it back in time for supper.

2. Take them on Bike Rides Around the Neighborhood


Physical activity is essential for kids these days to stay active and healthy. Get your mommy and me outfit for your girl, and go on a bike ride. You can even get the same bikes to show the world that a mother and daughter can also be best friends. Stay safe, don’t forget to wear your helmet!

3. Spend a Night Under the Stars

Not many families enjoy camping these days due to the high expenditure. However, camping teaches kids how life is lived in the open woods. There should be many camping sites near your place—if not, take a trip to the nearest one. Grab all your camping gear and finish packing for kids to give them a weekend of quality time and loads of fun.

Usually, camping sites are crowded with many families that come from various places. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and let kids make new friends. You can also teach children a few survival tricks like how to make a fire, how to cook food on fire, and even entertain themselves without a phone or television! I still remember the smell and taste of roasted marshmallows from my last camping trip—a memorable experience for sure.

4. Travel with Kids

Image Credits: Well Being

I know that it has become very difficult to travel with kids these days, especially if you have restless, impatient, volatile, and messy little ones. Apart from how naughty they are, you need to first focus on looking for affordable vacation spots where most of the attractions, restaurants, and hotels are budget-friendly as well as family-friendly. Even if you have a shoestring budget, you can plan a nice week-long trip for the summer.

These trips to different cities can also be considered educational for the young ones. They learn many new things and see new places that enhance their love for traveling. Above all, these vacation trips give you life-long memories in the form of cool pictures. ­– you never know, they may even start behaving like good kids once they start enjoying the trip.  

5. Let Girls Host a Slumber Party

Image Credits: Whimn 

If you know your girls like having their friends over for the night, let them host a slumber party. You can also tag along in this party and show the girls that you still have what takes to enjoy a night with a quick pillow fight. You can even try all those stylish girl’s clothes and show how women walk the ramp.

6. Plant a Garden

Image Credits: brackenrignursery 

This activity may sound boring, but it’ll teach the kids a sense of responsibility, as they have to water the plants and take care of them every day. To motivate them, you can even ask them which flowers or fruits they would like to have in their garden. After a few months, you’ll have a beautiful garden, and your children will have learned something new.

7. Play Video Games

Image Credits: pixelkin

I know all parents love the sight of children outside, playing tag, dodgeball, or any sport. However, you need to learn to respect their interests as well. Merely enforcing sporty hobbies on them will cause them to start getting frustrated with you. You can create a better bond by getting involved with what they love. Beat them in a game of FIFA or NBA on their Xbox, then show them how the sport is actually played on the streets.

8. Host or Attend a Family Reunion

image: modernmom

Nothing more should be more important than family. In order to make kids realize this, you need to first make them meet all your family members and learn to appreciate their company. You can host a family reunion over the weekend and enjoy a sizzling BBQ in your backyard. That’ll surely give them a chance to get along with all their cousins and learn a few things from their grandparents.

If not possible, take children to meet your family out of town. That way, they’ll enjoy both the trip and the family reunion.

9. Organize Game Nights Throughout the Summer


Image: atlantaparent

If kids these days have their eyes glued to the TV or their smartphone, you need to give them more time. Since they don’t have school anymore, you can plan game nights in which you can play cards, charades, scrabble or other board games. These games with a bowl of popcorn and a lot of laughs will make you want to make every night game night! This plan is also considered a great team-building experience that brings all family members together to enjoy some quality time.

10. Go for a Picnic

It’s a bright sunny Sunday morning, what should you do? Make some peanut butter sandwiches and bake a few cupcakes to fill your picnic basket. Wake everyone up and ask them to get ready for an outing at a nearby lake or park. Grab your Frisbee, baseball mitts, or football for the picnic to enjoy a father-son game of catch. If you have a dog, you and the kids can spend time teaching them tricks.

11. Encourage them to Volunteer

You should always encourage young children to take part in social activities where they can be of some benefit to society and learn the importance of giving. If they refuse or hesitate in joining such programs, you can also join with them if you’re free. This act will build confidence in them and also develop a sense of responsibility in their minds.

12. Let Your Kids Take the Lead

Maybe the kids already have everything planned out for this summer. If not, encourage them to make their own plans for the whole family. The freedom you give to them to suggest the activities and plans for the summer will encourage them to think for the whole family and not just for their own selves. This technique teaches kids how to become mature in life and develop the skills needed to plan ahead and get organized.

13. Have Movie Nights Every Weekend

There are many family movies you can enjoy the weekend. The smell of fresh buttered popcorn and the sound of your family’s laughter are better than sitting in a theater with strangers scattered around you. You can either let the kids decide on the movie, or you can provide them with a few options to choose from. Dig out all those Disney classics to show them how movies were made when you were young!

14. A Trip to the Beach


How could a summer go by without a trip to the beach? Beach spots get pretty crowded over the summer as thousands of people come to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the waves of the sea. You can enjoy playing volleyball with your family or build beautiful sand castles. You can even let the young ones bury you under the sand for a while for laughs! Additionally, beaches have many great restaurants where you can enjoy having delicious meals.

Beaches also have access to many water sports like speed boating and jet skiing. Kids these days love getting involved in such activities to make videos of themselves and post online so that their friends can also see what they’re up to!

15. Spend as Much Time as You Can with Your Kids

We know how important it is to go to work and earn a living. In fact, we know that you’re doing all that you can for the sake of your family’s future. However, many parents get caught up with work so much that they don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. You can’t expect them to get along with you just by having dinner with them every night. Instead, you need to carve out the time to sit with them, talk, and get to know them just a little better as they evolve into teenagers and young adults.

You have to try to give them as much time as you can when you are not at work. Especially on Sundays, if you are home, don’t waste the day away. Take them out for a meal, or to a nearby theme park to enjoy the evening.

Wrap Up

If you don’t want kids to get so involved in using tech goods that they forget the importance of having a family, you need to make sure that you provide them with all the love and time you can. Use the summer holidays as an opportunity to connect with them and show them that there’s much more in this world than playing games or texting friends all day. The ideas we have listed above are great to kick-start this holiday season.

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